Terms and conditions per 01-01-2020

*SUBSCRIPTIONS: entering a subscription will be done at a minimum of 3 months. All subscriptions are flexibel, to choose from 1, 2 or unlimited per week. It is also possible to have a 10 lesson card with the subscription for extra lessons.

*TUITION: tuition is an average of all classes given in 1 year, meaning payment of tuition continues when the shala closes. This will be at a maximum of 9 weeks. It is allowed for Yogashala-om to raise tuition reasonably to circumstances.

*PAYMENTS: payments will be arranged preferably by periodical transfer every 3rd of the month

*TERMINATION: whenever this journey to yourself does not fascinate anymore you may end it in the previous month by email, call or app. Payment will probably not be returned by late notification.

*MISSED CLASSES: missed classes can only be catched up when missed because of own vacations in times that the shala is open.

*CONTINUANCE CLASSES: whether one person attends the class or more, the class will contnue.

*UNFORESEEN SITUATIONS: with ilness of teachers and no possible replacement at unexpected circumstances, classes can be cancelled.

*OWN RESPONSIBILITY: by joining the classes you will be responsible for any possible injuries caused by working with the body. Yogashala-om will guide you as good as possible, out of our own exploration on the mat. Your own feeling/intuition remains of importance.

*CLOSING SHALA: per year the shala will be closed for a period of 9 weeks maximum, because of vacations/study

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